Every time I go to make one of these things I have to wander around the house looking stupid while I track down the recipe.

Well no longer!

Rhubarb Pie - Just the filling... you figure out your own crust!
Caesar Salad - I love this! Can't really call it my own.. got it from Joanie.
Easy Chicken - Stupid easy chicken. Great dinner and takes no time to prepare.
Scalloped Potatoes - Bored with mashed? Hate boiled? Try this!.
Chili Between Your Legs! - Dont ask.. just look!.
Psycho Salad! - Crazier than Jack Nicholson in The Shining!.
Pork Filet with Apricots - Whipping cream, white wine, apricots, why not?
Root Veggie Gratin - Great veggie dish. Non-standard.
Hash Brown Casserole - Another easy but good one. Thanks Andrea!
Non-standard Margaritas - Chris Seip swears these are the best ever. Who am I to argue?
Pretty Darned Good Cedar Plank Salmon - This was really good! Not sure why I'm surprised... but it was!!!
Egg Nog - Yes, the dreaded nog of the egg
Potato Salad - But not just any potato salad. Yes, it is Trudy's potato salad.