The best Magarita on the planet!

1 1/2 cups Tequila. Your choice on the kind... experiment!
1/2 cup Gran Marnier. Yup, Gran Marnier.. you heard it here first.
1/3 bottle of beer. Don't experiment here... use a bland beer like Coors Lite or Canadian. The idea is to add a bit of bubble and mellow out the teqiula a bit without making it 'beery'.
1 can frozen lemonade. I use yellow... might try pink for fun some time.
Lemon and lime juice. No pulp allowed here. I put the little plastic lemon in my left hand, the little plastic lime in my left and give 'em both a good healthy squirt.

put all of the above into a blender, fill it up with up and then blend your brains out.
you could put a wee bit of sugar in as well if you find it too tart.

if you like to salt the rim of your glass (and I don't!!) rub a lime wedge on the edge of the glass and dip in a half and half mix of sugar and course salt.